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Terms and Conditions for readers and writers. These terms and conditions apply to all registered members on Justread.ng and may be updated at any time. They are simple and straightforward. By by using our service, you are bound by and assumed to have read, understand and agree with the following:


Registration provides you with membership of the Justread community only, no other rights are granted or bestowed. We reserve the right to cancel a membership at any time if the terms and conditions on this page are not complied with.

Copyright & Licenses

As a registered user, you agree to uphold the moral, legal and intellectual property rights of authors as copyright owners. Any e-book you download from this platform is strictly for your personal use and must not be duplicated (unless an author has given permission to print copies of their work by print enabling the file,) plagiarised, re-distributed, hosted on other websites or sold. Equally, the scope of all Creative Commons licenses must be complied with and the author’s retained rights respected. You hereby confirm you are aware that unauthorised use of an author’s work may result in legal action being taken against you.

Email Communication

It is a condition of registration that you agree to us sending you transactional email messages containing your login details, requested reminders, responses to support requests and other correspondence directly related to your free membership. For your peace of mind we never send spam of any kind and do not share your email address with any other person or business. Should you not wish us to keep in touch with you please do not register.


We do not accept responsibility for the content of e-books hosted on this website. Content is the sole responsibility of the named author. However, we prohibit work that is written with the intention to encourage, promote, condone or incite racial, sexual, cultural or religious intolerance or hatred; physical, mental or sexual abuse; criminal activity or acts of terrorism. This condition does not apply to work that explores or refers to these issues in a fictional context.

Children under 13 years of age must not download material from this site. To allow access to our Teen category we have set a minimum age of 13 for membership, with a recommendation that people aged 13-16 discuss registration with a parent or guardian prior to signing up on this platform. We advise parents and guardians to assume their responsibility of supervising access to websites. If you are a mature reader but easily offended by profanities and descriptions or expressions of an adult nature, please do not download material from this website.

Malicious damage and abuse

Although all files submitted to Justread are scanned for known viruses, we cannot guarantee their purity. It is therefore your responsibility to check files downloaded to your computer using your own anti-virus software. We do not accept responsibility for any loss, monetary or otherwise, incurred by malicious software contained within a file or contracted from any destination link from that file. Please contact us if you experience any occurrence of this nature. Abuse of our contact form: spam, offensive language, or soliciting of information will result in instant termination of membership.