Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for and find e-books?

You may type a book’s title, author or keyword (e.g: “mystery”) in the search bar and click on ‘search’ or you can click on the “book genres” button located at the top menu, select a category and browse for your desired e-book.

I can't find the downloaded e-book file on my computer, where is it?

If you are using a mobile phone or Windows computer, your files will probably be saving direct to your ‘Downloads’ folder. To save files to your desktop or a different location, right-click and select ‘Save as’.

How do I download a book on Justread?

To download a book on Justread, browse or search for the e-book of your choice on our website. Click on it and select the e-book format you prefer, then click on the download button.

How do I open a PDF, ePub or Kindle book on my device?

Please ensure you have the latest version of your favourite e-book reader installed on your computer or mobile phone. You can open e-book files with e-book readers.

How do I review a book on Justread?

If you’d like to review a book, start by searching for the e-book on our website. When you’ve found the book you’d like to review, click on it and just below the download button, select “Review” to give the book a star rating or leave a written review.

I can't log in or register, or website updates are not showing, what's gone wrong?

Your browser stores data in its cache while you are surfing. The cache sometimes gets clogged up and causes access conflicts. Your browser may also not be displaying updated books or graphics. In this case, please refresh/reload the page or clear your browser cache.

Can I share a book so that my friends and collogues can download it too?

Sure thing! When you find an e-book you’d like to share, click on it to head to the download page. On the download page, right beside the download button click ‘share’ and choose a social media to share to.

I have forgotten my Password. How do I log in?

Click the ‘Lost your password?’ link on the login form. A new page will load, where you enter your email address. A password reset link will be emailed to you: follow the link and enter your desired password. You may then log in with your new password.

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