Yinka, Where Is Your Huzband?

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    “So modern and fresh. I adore Yinka.” —Emily Henry, #1 New York Times bestselling author of People We Meet on Vacation

    “Feel good, funny, and clever.” –Josie Silver, New York Times bestselling author of One Day in December

    Meet Yinka: a thirty-something, Oxford-educated, British Nigerian woman with a well-paid job, good friends, and a mother whose constant refrain is “Yinka, where is your huzband?”

    Yinka’s Nigerian aunties frequently pray for her delivery from singledom, her work friends think she’s too traditional (she’s saving herself for marriage!), her girlfriends think she needs to get over her ex already, and the men in her life…well, that’s a whole other story.  But Yinka herself has always believed that true love will find her when the time is right.


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